Serving Paradise, Chico. Magalia and surrounding areas of Butte County CA. We always strive to provide the best service, quality materials and craftsmanship available in the industry. We understand and employ standards set by the PDCA (Painting & Decorating Contractors of America) and ensure that the work we do is always consistent and top quality. As important as residential and commercial painting may be, it is even more important that the house painter is qualified to do the job, and actually does the preparation & painting properly. With Interior Painting and Exterior Painting there are many steps that must be done properly to have a successful and professional looking paint job that will last.

For your protection, at the very least, make sure the painting contractor you hire is Licensed, Bonded & Insured, including Workers Compensation Insurance if he or she has employees. Make sure the state license number is actually issued to the contractor, as it is illegal for a contractor to use someone else's license. Contractors are required to carry a state license card and a bond card with them, and will produce it at the estimate if requested. You can check the contractors license status with the Contractors State License Board.

EPA Lead-Safe Certified Firm

If your house or building was built before 1978 it was originally painted and possibly re-painted at some point with lead paint. You are safe from the damaging effects of lead paint once it is painted over with more modern paints, but if you have any cracking, flaking or peeling areas, you can be exposed to the lead, especially during pre-paint preparation as the lead can be disturbed by sanding and scraping etc.. When lead is present important safety procedures and precautions must be applied when preparing the house or building for paint. The contractor must not only know the proper techniques and laws that apply to lead paint work, but must also be certified by the EPA to do the work. If you choose to hire a contractor that is not an EPA lead Safe Certified Firm, you as the property owner run the risk of receiving excessive fines for non-compliance as well as possible health risk if proper procedures are not followed. SPEEDY-CLEAN is a Lead Safe Certified Firm.

Quality Painting materials make a difference

Generally we like to use the top of the line BEHR Plus Ultra Premium paint with any interior or exterior house painting. It's not cheap, but it is in the highest quality range you will find anywhere, and contains 10 - 12% more solids than other leading brands (in other words you are not paying for water). A high quality paint makes a big difference in how long your house painting will last. Trying to save money using cheap paint never works. Low quality paints will not last as long and will require more material to be used than high quality paint. Learn more about BEHR paint products. If you happen to have a personal favorite brand other than BEHR, we can use it, so long as it is a high quality paint that we can stand behind.

We can help you with paint and color consultation free of charge when you make your choice to hire SPEEDY-CLEAN for your interior or exterior house painting needs

Pre-paint preparation

It won't make a bit of difference how good your paint is, or how well it's applied, if the surface it is applied to has not been properly prepared. Surface preparation is just as important (if not more so) then the actual quality of paint being used. If the surface to be painted requires repair work, then the importance of preparation and getting it done correctly increases. Exterior surfaces should always be pressure washed prior to painting. A quality soap designed for pre-paint preparation that kills mold; as well as allowing a proper amount of drying time (after the pressure washing) are very important, but often downplayed or overlooked by some other contractors.

Peeling paint that has not been removed must be scraped and sanded. We apply a generous amount of quality adhesive caulking on jobs to fill in joint lines, cracks, and to seal window areas, as well as greatly improve the look of the final finish. We spend more time preparing the surface for paint than most painters, and this is an important area that sets apart from the competition.

In addition to preparing the surface for paint, the surrounding areas (that are not supposed to be painted ) must be protected as well. A large amount drop cloths are needed to work efficiently, as well as masking paper and plastic sheeting, tape and paint shields. Our customers are often pleasantly surprised with the amount of preparation that goes into our finished product. A quality house painting is usually 90% preparation and 10% paint application.

The price of painting and taking estimates

You can have your house painted cheap, or you can have it painted right, but you cannot have both. When people ask "how much does it cost to paint a house?" often what comes to my mind is "how much does it cost to buy a car?" as there are just as many variables that determine quality, dependability and the final price.

When taking estimates you may see a large difference in price from contractor to contractor, ranging from several hundred dollars to a thousand or even more depending on who you call. Some painters do better work than others and will see the job taking longer and requiring more prep work to do a proper job, while another contractor may view it as an "in and out" job requiring little prep work, or may have missed an area of dry rot in need of repair. On the other hand, some painters are more efficient and skilled than others. Some painters will use better materials than others, and they may not all be expecting to use the same amount of paint or number of coats. They may also be using different methods when painting with an airless sprayer, all of which will effect the price and quality of the work.

Not all painting contractors are on equal footing or playing by the rules either. While most painters will have the basic requirements of a license, bond and liability insurance, others may not, and some contractors carry a much higher level of liability insurance than others. Many painting contractors do not carry workers compensation insurance for their employees, or pay employer taxes as required by state law. Some painters will claim employees are "independent contractors" when they clearly are not. While this may greatly reduce their operating cost, and may give them a "leg up" on the competition, it also passes a lot of the risk on to their customer, the home owner.

Make it easy on yourself

When you want to add beauty & value to your home or business, SPEEDY-CLEAN Painting & Pressure Washing is the solution. Avoid any possible pit falls and call us today! We use top quality materials & equipment, provide you with excellent service and make sure the job gets done right, every time. We keep our job sites clean and safe daily, and perform a thorough clean up at the end of every job. We will work with you on color selections, options and choices you have to make your paint job exactly the way you want it, or even better than you imagined. When the time comes to hire a painting contractor SPEEDY-CLEAN Painting & Pressure Washing is the painting company for you. Serving Chico, Paradise, Magalia, and surrounding areas of Butte County CA.

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Interior and exterior painting by SPEEDY-CLEAN Painting and Pressure Washing. Serving Chico, Paradise, Magalia, and surrounding areas of Butte County CA. We provide high quality commercial and residential painting. House painting done right by  professional painters you can depend on.

Having your house painted by a painting contractor is one of the best improvements you can do for your home. House Painting does more than just protect your investment from the harsh elements in Chico and surrounding areas. With our residential painting service, your house   can be brighter, more cheerful, cleaner, more inviting, and pleasing to the eye with a fresh paint job. Interior painting can brighten up a room, make it feel larger, or add a splash of color to spice things up a bit. Exterior painting will add curb appeal, and greatly improve the look of what you get to come home to. A fresh paint job can also improve your results when selling a house, by making it much more appealing to potential buyers. When it's time to paint your home we will work with you to determine exactly what your needs are and make sure they are met beyond your expectation. We provide free color consultation and can help you with any tough decisions. When it comes to residential painting in Chico CA, SPEEDY-CLEAN Painting & Pressure Washing has you covered.

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We have been in business for over 20 years and know the most important aspect is the customer. We show up on time and get the job done right. We are your high quality residential re-paint specialist. Your complete satisfaction is guaranteed. All of our employees are background checked, and the company has been screened and approved by Home Advisor as well as other screening agencies . We carry an A+ Rating with the Better Business Bureau and no complaints have ever been filed against us. We have an "A" rating on Angie's List. For your protection we are licensed, bonded, and fully insured, including workers compensation insurance on any employees. We guarantee your satisfaction and stand behind our work.

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