» » Paradise High School Athletics Department:

Keep an eye out for our logo, as well as several other local businesses on the back of Paradise High School tee shirts. The shirts will be distributed at the school games, and the money earned will go to the athletics department to help fund the sports programs and purchase necessary sports equipment for the kids. The shirts will be for the 2016 season. Help support the local businesses that help with these types of programs, it's for a good cause.

Keep your eye out for these tee shirts again in the 2017 season. They will be given out at the basketball games again this year

» » Achieve Charter School of Paradise:

Achieve Charter School will be holding its annual public auction on March 19, 2016 at the Paradise Senior Center. There will be many goods and services from the community at auction, with all of the proceeds going to the school. Plan to be there, as this is a fun event for a great cause.

In efforts to continue with community involvement and help our local kids; SPEEDY-CLEAN will be donating a Free Deck Cleaning, which will be included in a home services package you can bid on.

Community Involvement from SPEEDY-CLEAN

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(530) 966-6909